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Papas Burgeria 2

Even though that the first edition of Papas Burgeria was released in December 2010, the game is still very popular and played by hundreds of people every day. It is one of the best games in the whole papa's game series and that's why today we can present the second edition of the game with some new features and options. Papas Burgeria 2 is available on all devices, including smartphones. The web version is always available at our website PapasBurgeria2.com

For those who have never played this game before I would like to make a small guide. It is not just a cooking game where you place items on the bread and create burgers - it is some kind of simulator where you have to run the whole burger bar and manage all steps of the business, including taking orders from customers,making the burger they want and serving it. The gameplay is pretty simple - all actions are done using mouse but there are some options that you must keep in mind if you want to succeed. As I have already told you, the Papa's Burgeria 2 is the most up-to-date version of the game with better graphics and more interesting gameplay. The game is divided into levels which are called days and it becomes more and more difficult as you progress. More information about the gameplay is available below.

How To Play Papa's Burgeria 2?

Making delicious burgers is your primary task in this game but there are a lot of things that you must understand before starting the game. For newbie players it is better to start with the tutorial mode where they will be shown how to take the order from customer, how to go through several stages of making burgers and then serving it to the customer. Keep in mind that at the beginning, the customer will tell you exact detailes how to make the burger and how long to use grill. It is very important to follow the notes shown on the order sheet, because when you serve the burger, customer will examine it and give you review. If the review is positive, he can even give you tips. The more tips you got during each day - the higher your rating is. Keep in mind that the more you progress in the game, the more higher number of orders you will get. Try not to make mistakes and serve the customers with delicious burgers to become a successful burger bar owner.

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